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20 days j rock challenge

Day 1: Your favourite J-Rock group
Day 2: Your favorite J-Rock song.
Day 3: Your favourite J-Rock video.
Day 4: A J-Rock song that makes you cry.
Day 5: A J-Rock song you know all the words to.
Day 6: Your favorite J-Rock performance.
Day 7: How you first got into J-Rock
Day 8: The very first J-Rock song you ever heard
Day 9: Your favourite J-Rock singer.
Day 10: Your favourite J-Rock drummer.
Day 11: Your favourite J-Rock guitarist.
Day 12: Your favourite J-Rock bassist.
Day 13: Your favorite J-Rock lyric (and a translation).
Day 14: Your ultimate J-Rock idol.
Day 15: Best live J-Rock group.
Day 16: Your favorite picture of your J-Rock idol.
Day 17: Your favorite picture of your favorite J-Rock group.
Day 18: A J-Rock song that makes you happy.
Day 19: A J-Rock song you never get tired of.
Day 20: Your favourite J-Rock album.

Soo~~ I found this 20 Days J Rock Challenge and decided to try it out. I really suck at these kind of challenges but .. yeeh, I'll try it out at least. We'll see if I can do it until the last day or not ;)
To be honest, this was a 30 days challenge but since I saw a lot of questions that I won't ever be able to answer I just decided to deleite them ;)  



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