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Day 1: Your favourite J-Rock group/singer

I don't have one favorite group/singer. I don't have one of anything. But I'm going to try select as few as possible and I will write something about each group. Not much really, just to make you know why I love them so much. 


love KRA. They are so perfect. Their music is so perfect. And I just love that Keiyuu is so short, he's only 156cm ^^ They are not one of the first groups that I discovered but I fell for them and their right away.

I really don't know what to say. To me, Gackt is like .. the god of jrock. 
There's no words to describe his music. And there's no need either, listening is enough.

This duo is incredible. Even thought I didn't fell for them right away, I still grew to like -love- them really fast. They have only released one album so far - I think? - and they really should release a new album soon~~ 

I love Plastic Tree because they are different. And Ryutaro's voice..! I die a little every time I listen to it. 


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