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Bad day/good day

Why so precious?
Had a bad day today. Could't sleep last night and woke up to late so I was runnig to school and eating my breakfast at the same time. Entered the classroom at the same minute - no second - as the class started. But that's not what made today such a bad day, of course not. I can't tell you all the reasons but one - and really important - reason was because I had a terrible headache during the hole day. I always bring medicine for headache, no matter where I am, but taking the medicine didn't help at all :( 
Well today wasn't that bad after all.. The horseback riding lesson today was really fun  theory today and that is usually pretty boring - but today was different. And when I got home, I went out and runned 5,4 km. Got a pretty good time, if we compare it with last time. So, basically, we can say that today ended pretty good. 
Okay, I really have to go to bed now. I'm going to Denmark tomorrow ^-^ 
Uppdatering: Fråga mig inte varför jag har börjat skriva lite på engelska. Det var bara en idé jag hade. Att göra bloggen lite mer "utlänningsvänlig" (i brist på bättre ord)..
Det är även en bra möjlighet att öva lite engelska. Jag vet inte riktigt hur ofta det kommer att bli, att jag skriver på engelska. När jag känner för det helt enkelt. 


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