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I've made a great discovery

I made a great discovery yeasterday ^-^ There is this singer, Shayne, who I found out about from a song in a drama. I really loved that song 'cause it was such a beautiful song and his voice, I really loved his voise 'cause it was so unique and original. Then I found a whole mini album with his songs. But that isn't the 'discovery' that I'm talking about. 
Yesterday, when I was looking around at youtube, I found a new song by Shayne. But the thing was that the channel that had uploaded this vid was a personal account and not owned by some entertainment. Well,  I didn't really react to it at first but when I read in the description it said things as "I wrote this song". I was like O.o "buut.. this is Shaynes voi~ce" 
So I went to this channel that had uploaded the vid and automatically another video starts playing. And there he is, Shayne, talking to me about how the summer's been, IN ENGLISH?! 
So thats how I found out that the kpop singer with the most awesome voise ever is actually from Canada and recently lives in South Korea to reach his dream as a singer. 
I don't think any of you understand how cool I think this is. I'm going to stalk this guy now, I want to see how his career is going to evolve. I'm already subscribing him on YT but I'm going to find all of his other accounts - twitter, facebook whatever. I'm going to follow them all ^-^
The last song is the song that was soundtrack for a drama in Korea. 

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Sv: Har två boxar med filmer av honom <3 De är så bra!

2012-09-29 @ 20:25:06
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