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Skyfall and the perfect Q

I went to the cinema yesterday and I watched Skyfall. It was good, really good. At least I think so, I was busy fangirling over Ben Wishaw. Asdfghjk he's probably the most perfect guy in the world, well after Benedict Cumberbatch of course. Actually I didn't even know that Wishaw was part of the cast, so my heart wasn't prepared. Not at all.. And of course he just had to play a genius that works with codes. He was very sherlock-like and I like that. Very much. Too much. 
Wishaw was the best part of SKyfall, obviously, but I think it was a really good movie. I like Javier's role, the almost psycopatic guy Silva. Wow that's just so wrong. I should be rooting for the main guy, James, right? But I didn't, I wanted the blonde werido to survive - with James. idk.. I just.. no I can't tell you. I can't. Sorry. 
Anyway. Let's all run to the closest cinema and watch Skyfall. Let's all fall in love with Q/Wishaw's hair and with Bond/Creig's eyes. Let's all enjoy this movie that I thought I would dislike. Forget everything you knew or didn't know about James Bond. Let's get lost in Skyfall.
                 ↑ so perfect. 


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