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no more posts in english = new tumblr

soooo, this post is about two things. Firstly, I have decided to stop bloging in english. But .. that's not really true. I will continue bloging in english but not on this blog. My "foreign" readers { if I have any..} is reffered to my new tumblr that I created yesterday, just for you ^-^ And my swedish readers too, if you want. I won't blog about exactly the same stuff on my tumblr and I won't update as often - but still (o≧∀≦o) 
I make this post in english only because I want to improve my english skills, so I don't mind if I won't get any followers on my tumblr {even though it would be great if I really did} - as long as I still have some people stalking this one (* ・ω・*) 

omo! I almost forgot to post the link to my new tumblr (_;) oh well, here it is (^^)つ 
(just so you know, neko no koi is japanese and means Cat's love)


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